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Hot Tub Services in Geneva and St. Charles, IL

At Hot Tub Tony’s, we pride ourselves on not only servicing everything we sell but all other brands as well.

Some of the services we offer are:


Hot Tub Diagnosis

Getting to the bottom of any and all problems associated with your spa and finding the most cost-effective measure to remedy the issues.

leak detection

Hot Tub Leak Detection

Leaks can be a troublesome issue. We can trace leaks, and sometimes fix on the spot!

Cover replacement

Hot Tub Cover Replacement

We work with the best in cover manufacturing, and are able to provide a replacement cover for any make and model.


Hot Tub Moves

Buying a new home, and want to take your spa with you? No worries! we offer spa moves by some of the most efficient in house guys around!


Hot Tub Removals

Is that old tub tired, and ready to go? We offer a spa removal service to get rid of it for you. Then, come on in and look at some replacement models!